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Custom Granite Countertops from Regent Granite

Granite Countertops in London, OntarioWhen doing a home renovation, many people choose to install granite countertops because of their durability, style and ease of maintenance. Located in London, Ontario, Regent Granite can provide you with a custom granite countertops perfect for your kitchen, bathroom and bar top.

Granite is created by the cooling of molten rock and is an igneous rock. A great deal of skill is needed to carve granite and usually requires the use of computer-operated and sandblasted rotary bits.

Granite Countertops for Any Space in Your Home

Since granite is incredibly durable but also visually appealing, it’s an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity and other high-traffic spaces in your home. It has become increasingly more popular for our customers to choose to install custom granite countertops for their basement wet bars and for their outdoor kitchens and grilling spaces so they can entertain their guests in style.

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