Your sink and faucet are among the most used features in the kitchen. When you make the decision to install a new granite countertop, you understandably want to replace your sink and faucet as well. If you are looking for the right sink and faucet to correspond with your new granite counters from Regent Granite, think about these important points. 

Consider Sink Style

There are a wide range of sink styles that may look amazing in your home. For example, under-mount sinks are popular, and they can create a clean surface that gives your kitchen a modern or contemporary feel. Some people love the more relaxed look of a country sink. Whether you choose these or other sink styles, consider the number of sink basins you need. Some sinks have a single, large basin. Others have two or even three compartments. Many prefer a deep sink that is more functional when washing dishes, rinsing fruit and more. 

Focus on Sink Material

The material that your sink is made from also needs to be taken into consideration. Stainless steel is a popular option that looks great in many homes, and it is easy to clean and maintain. However, a common complaint related to a stainless-steel sink is that it makes the kitchen noisy. Another popular material is a cast iron sink. These can be painted a wide range of colors. They are very heavy and durable, but they are not well-suited for an under-mount style because of their weight. In addition, the paint can scratch off over time. Regent Granite offers a wide selection of sinks included in your countertop package, or purchase your own sink and have it installed along with your Regent Granite countertops.

Choose a Functional Faucet

With so many sink colors, sizes and styles to choose from, each homeowner will need to review the options to select the most appealing and desirable option for his or her home. After you have selected a new sink to be installed with your new granite counters from Regent Granite, the next step is to purchase a faucet. A faucet is highly noticeable, so it should have an attractive look and finish that corresponds well with the style throughout the kitchen. A touchless faucet is a modern, sanitary option to consider. These are motion-activated faucets that allow you to enjoy a stream of water when your hands are dirty without having to manually turn the water faucet on. Purchase your faucet before your new countertops are installed, so a hole can be drilled in the correct spot during your countertop installation.

After you place your order for your new granite countertops from Regent Granite, in London, Ontario, choose your new sink and faucet. This simple step will give you the beautiful and functional results you desire from your kitchen renovation project.