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Ballymote Project Countertop Kitchen IslandWhen doing a home renovation, many people elect to install granite countertops because of their durability, style, ease of maintenance and more. Located in London, Ontario, Regent Granite can provide you with a custom granite countertop for any space in your home.

Granite is created by the cooling of molten rock and is an igneous rock. A great deal of skill is needed to carve granite and usually requires the use of computer-operated and sandblasted rotary bits.

Since granite is incredibly durable but also visually appealing, it’s an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and other high-traffic spaces in your home. Many of our customers are increasingly electing to install granite countertops for their basement wet bars and for their outdoor kitchens and grilling spaces.

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 Benefits of Granite Countertops

  • Granite offers an extremely hard natural surface that is durable, which means that regardless of how much wear and tear you put on the countertop, it’s still going to look greatBallymote Project Countertop Washroom
  • Granite comes in a variety of colours, shades and styles that look great with any style of cabinetry
  • Each slab of granite is unique, which means that your granite countertop is one of a kind
  • By choosing your favourite style and colour of granite countertop, you’ll be able to match the stone to the existing colouring and aesthetics of whichever room you are installing it in
  • Granite countertops withstand scratches more than other products, which means that you can cut directly on it, although it may wear out your knives!
  • Granite countertops are resistant heat damage, which means you can rest hot cookware on it without worrying about ruining your countertop
  • Sealing your granite countertops will prevent most stains. The darker the granite you choose, the longer you can go without resealing it
  • Because of their durability, granite countertops won’t depreciate in value and can actually add value to your home
  • Granite is very easy to clean – all you need is warm water and mild soap

We purchase our granite from some of the most trusted suppliers in the industry, including:

At Regent Granite, we’re experts in installing granite kitchen countertops, granite bathroom countertops and custom granite countertops. Learn more about us today and see why we’re the experts on granite countertops.