As a premier installer of custom granite countertops in London Ontario, it’s important to us to partner with the top granite suppliers in order to provide our customers with superior products. Regent Granite is pleased to work with Centre Stone, a reliable and high-quality Ontario granite supplier, to deliver the best materials for your home.

We’re pleased to spotlight Centre Stone granite suppliers as one of our valued partners, helping us provide you with beautiful living spaces and custom designs you’ll love.

Centre Stone Granite Supplier

About Centre Stone

Centre Stone is one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of both natural and engineered stone. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Centre Stone sources a wide variety of stone for countertop and home fixture installations, including vast selections of granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, and limestone.

In addition to natural stone slabs, Centre Stone supplies Terrastone engineered slabs for custom granite countertops and other home uses. Terrastone composites are made with 93 percent natural quartz and are engineered to produce the finest grains and patterns while preserving exceptional functionality. Centre Stone’s engineered quartz slabs are available in 16 shades.

Responsible Worldwide Sourcing

In order to provide installers with the best possible selection of natural stone, Centre Stone engages in advanced logistics and supply chain management to ensure a continual supply of inventory, which allows us at Regent Granite to present you with the widest variety of options to choose from. Centre Stone responsibly sources natural slabs from many countries, including the United States, Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, Turkey, Norway, and Brazil.

Why We Trust CentreStone Products

When it comes to our suppliers, honesty and integrity are important qualities. That’s why Regent Granite is proud to work with Centre Stone. The company’s core values promote a strong commitment to integrity and ethical business standards, ensuring that the source material is acquired without harming others or the environment.

Centre Stone also strives for excellence in both product quality and customer service, while maintaining a core of accountability to ensure that every transaction is completed to the full satisfaction of the both the installer and the end customer. Furthermore, the company’s work environment promotes teamwork and cooperation, as well as workplace diversity and the cultivation of shared passion for the industry and their products.

Choose Regent Granite for Your Next Renovation Project

At Regent Granite, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality products through our partnerships with top-notch suppliers such as Centre Stone. Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops to beautiful, durable and inviting custom granite or natural stone? Contact us today to learn more about our custom installations, including kitchen counters, bathroom counters, and custom stone pieces for your home.