Granite Bathroom Countertops from Regent Granite

Granite bathroom countertops are the ultimate in luxury and quality. Deciding to install a granite vanity in your bathroom will immediately give your space a beautiful design aesthetic that promises to last a lifetime.

At Regent Granite, we offer our London, Ontario customers a wide selection of bathroom granite countertop design styles to choose from – standard undermount vanity tops, utility tops, vessel vanity tops and many more. Each granite countertop comes in a variety of different colours with different veins, specks and swirls that make it completely unique from any other slab of granite in the world. You’ll also be able to choose the finish of granite countertop that you prefer – from matte to glossy, depending on the aesthetic of your bathroom.

In addition to offering a pleasing visual experience in your bathroom, a granite bathroom countertop will be able to withstand the wear and tear that your daily routine can have on your counters. You’ll be able to stop worrying about harmful bacteria growing, like mold and mildew, and you’ll be able to rest your straightener or curling iron directly on the surface since granite is heat resistant.

Benefits of Bathroom Granite Countertops:

  • Your choice of colour and finish from bold to subdued
  • Granite can be cut into any dimension, giving you the exact style of counter edge you envision for the space
  • Heat resistant to withstand direct heat from curling irons or hair straighteners
  • Humidity and damage resistant
  • Strong and solid to withstand daily use and wear and tear
  • Withstands scratches better than any other countertop surface
  • Waterproof and easy to clean when properly sealed
  • Environmentally-friendly because granite countertops will last a lifetime
  • A solid investment that adds resale value to your home

Ballymote Project Countertop        Granite Bathroom Countertop

Whether the granite countertop is going to be installed in your home or business location, Regent Granite can give you a quote at an affordable price. Depending on the quality and grade of granite you prefer, there truly is a granite bathroom countertop that will fit in every budget.

Contact us to learn more about granite, quartz or marble countertops or to visit our showroom to experience what we have to offer.