Hilltop GraniteAs London, Ontario’s premier granite and quartz installer, we at Regent Granite have exacting standards for the products we use, and we trust only the best when it comes to sourcing products for custom granite countertops. Our search for the best granite supplier led us to the exceptional granite products at Hilltop Granite. 

After reading their background, products, ideals and values, we believe you’ll agree with our choice of suppliers for custom granite countertops and other specialty items. Here are a few reasons we trust Hilltop to supply superior products and services.

Stability and Attention to Detail

Formed in 1989, Hilltop built a steady reputation for outstanding workmanship and attention to detail with granites and other materials. Family owned for 30 years, Hilltop has amassed prestigious awards worldwide. At Regent Granite, we know these awards reflect perfection and care seldom found among granite suppliers.

Mission and Vision Show Respect for People

The team at Hilltop Granite fully embodies their mission statement and are actively committed to providing higher industry standards and providing the very best in customer experience. Their ongoing commitment to providing exceptional products and the very best in service is evident by their numerous industry recognition and awards.

For Hilltop, It Is More Than Just the Granite

Due to Hilltops multiple locations, including India, their access to remote areas makes a remarkable difference. Their ability to acquire high-quality granites and stones seldom seen borders on legendary. Our trust grew when we realized they don’t just find and sell granite.

Once they find stone and granites, Hilltop carefully examines the texture and the colour of each piece. Each part of the granite holds significance and tells its own story. They collaborate with both contemporary and traditional designers to display each stone’s originality to the best advantage to match the right granite piece with their customer’s story and journey.

We Trust Exquisite Attention to Detail

This exhibits the extraordinary nature of Hilltop’s culture. Their attention and value shown to every part of our planet’s structure are unparalleled. Their attention to details demonstrates their commitment to Regent Granite and the individual customer who ultimately takes ownership of this precious resource in the form of custom granite countertops.

For more information about Hilltop Granite products and to see firsthand, the large selection of colours and slabs available, visit the team at Regent Granite at our London, Ontario showroom.