Interstone Marble and Granite – Ontario Granite SupplierInterstone Marble and Granite

We at Regent Granite are pleased to work with Interstone Marble and Granite, a supplier of high-quality granite. Our partnership with Interstone furnishes us with the top-notch material we need to provide our clients with a fantastic selection of custom granite countertops.

A Trusted Ontario Granite Supplier

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Interstone Marble and Granite LTD has served clients throughout Ontario since 1996. Vince and Angela Virgilio, the company’s founders, have over 30 years of experience in the industry. After decades of growth, Interstone is proud to say it is the largest marble and granite importer in Southwestern Canada, with the largest fleet of trucks. Through this partnership with Regent, their premium granite makes its way into the homes and businesses of London, Ontario. Interstone is well-regarded for their ability to transport materials in a timely and secure fashion, having established a reputation as one most reliable distributor in Ontario, as well as the largest.

An Impressive Portfolio of Stone Products

Interstone Marble and Granite has an expansive selection of quality products to choose from, including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Quartzite
  • Synthetic Stones

These are available as slabs, tiles, and some even as mosaics. Their granite collection, which represents their largest natural stone collection, supplies Regent with the material for our custom granite countertops. Dozens of colours are available, each displaying a different pattern and lustre. They include traditional offerings, such as “Andino White” or “Antique Brown,” as well as more unique ones, such as “Madagascar Exotic” or “Nettuno Bordeaux.” Whether your tastes lean toward the timeless or the individualistic, Interstone is sure to have a stone you will love.

In addition to their gorgeous granite, this supplier boasts an impressive catalogue of other materials including marble, limestone, quartzite, and quartz compac. Their marble offerings display depth and luminosity, while their quartzrite combines beauty and durability. Finally, Interstone offers a wide range of quartz compac, a synthetic stone designed to resist stains and abrasions. The hues of this man-made material truly runs the gamut, from pure white to vibrant shades of orange and fuchsia. Taken as a whole, Interstone’s portfolio is breathtaking in its quality and its diversity. This is one of the many reasons that we at Regent are happy to have them as a granite supplier.

For more information about Interstone Marble and Granite’s quality stone products, or to see it for yourself, come and visit the Regent Granite showroom. Our team will help you to transform your home or business with eye-catching granite installations.