JNR Granite Import

JNR Granite Importers

A Superior-Quality Granite Supplier

We at Regent Granite are proud to work with JNR Granite Importers, a top-notch provider of quality slabs. They supply us with the high-quality granite that we use to furnish our customers with a fabulous array of custom granite countertops.

A History of Excellence in Importing Granite

JNR Importers has been serving Western Canada for fifteen years. Based in Calgary, they reach a variety of locations, including London Ontario, through their partnership with our team at Regent Granite. For over a decade, they have proved themselves capable of importing superior quality granite from quarries around the world. They take every precaution to ensure that the material arrives in excellent condition, partnering with institutions in Brazil and India, as well as conducting their own strict quality inspections. These efforts have earned JNR a reputation as one of the most reliable granite importers in Canada today.

An Extensive, Multifaceted Selection

JNR Granite Importers has an enormous selection of granite slabs in different intensities, patterns, and colours. They offer 116 different options, quarried from such far-flung locations as Asia and South America. These slabs are grouped into categories based upon their intensity, their intensity and depth.

Their specialty is granite slabs, so the majority of their portfolio involves this material. There are 55 colours of granite currently designated “Basic,” 5 designated “Medium,” 65 designated “Premium,” and 18 designated “Exotic.” The Basic offerings represent traditional granite hues with a good amount of depth and lustre. Their Premium and Exotic options demonstrate increased depth, vibrancy, and a variety of exquisite patterns. Their colours span the rainbow, from the reddish “Copper Canyon” to the dark “Orion Blue.” This extensive selection ensures that no matter what you may be looking for in custom granite countertops, JNF Granite Importers will have something that suits you.

In addition to their extensive collection of granite slabs, JNR also offers granite tiles and marble slabs. The latter includes such colours as “Green Onyx” and “Emperador Light,” mined from the Giallo Ornamental quarry in Brazil.

To learn more about JNR Granite’s portfolio or to see it for yourself, be sure to visit the Regent Granite showroom. We’ll be more than happy to help you start planning your new updated space.