Homeowners associate granite countertops with class and elegance, and indeed, many homes in London, Ontario feature custom granite countertops. However, there is some expense involved with installing these beautiful upgrades into homes that weren’t originally built with these surfaces in rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms.

This leads to homeowners asking themselves, “Does granite increase home value?” This is an important consideration for homeowners, particularly those who may find themselves selling their home in the near future.

Do Custom Granite Countertops Make a Difference

In a word, yes, granite countertops can make a huge difference come sale time. Typically, homes that feature granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are sought-after features in a home and buyers consider this to be a favourable addition. When it comes down to comparing a home with or without granite countertops, homeowners will opt for a home with granite in the kitchen or bathroom thanks to its many great features and benefits.

It’s easy to see why. Granite is easy to clean. It’s also durable: A granite countertop can withstand heat temperatures up to 900 degrees. This is an important consideration. After all, mishaps like a forgotten pan placed on the countertop happen. And this type of incident is often the kiss of death for countertops made from many other types of materials. 

What is the ROI for This Home Addition?

When people ask, “Does granite increase home value,” usually they want to know if their investment is going to have a good ROI if they purchase the countertops. Again, the answer is “yes.” Homeowners can expect their investment to be returned by 80% to 100% come sale time. This doesn’t even touch on how quickly the home will sell once it’s on the market.

Homeowners should again consider how quickly homes will sell with granite countertops compared to those without. Additionally, if a home is older, new granite countertops will give it new life, and a sense of modern elegance and functionality to the space.

Trust Professional Installers

If you decide to pursue a granite countertop remodel in your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to seek the assistance from professional installers who will ensure a proper and professional installation. The team at Regent Granite are experienced in custom installations, providing a professional and stress-free installation.

For more information about custom granite countertops, contact the local professionals at Regent Granite today.