One of the best things about choosing granite for your countertops over other materials is its longevity. Granite countertops should last you a lifetime. However, stains, chips and other imperfections can occur in the stone when it is not maintained or treated properly. There are several general care principles and maintenance procedures we recommend to ensure your installations look great for years to come.

Daily Maintenance

Clean the countertop with warm water, a few drops of dish washing detergent or antibacterial detergent. Using a soft cloth will do for most cleaning jobs. Avoid using cleaning products with strong acids or that are abrasive. This can ruin the finish or seal of your granite. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately. Be particularly careful around rough-finished or unsealed granite as its outer surface can allow liquid to seep under the surface, staining or leaving odours in the stone.

Things to Avoid

Despite being stone, granite is susceptible to hot temperatures. Don’t leave hot pots, pans or other heated kitchen cookware directly on granite kitchen countertops. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause discolouration in the stone. While granite is highly scratch-resistant, it shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for a cutting board. Make sure you’re using all the proper tools when cutting food. Also, use trivets or mats under other objects that could scratch its surface like ceramics or glassware.

Granite is extremely resistant to chips. However, if they do occur, it’s usually from being banged into by objects like heavy pots or pans. Always take care when carrying heavy or awkward items. Finally, do not stand, kneel or sit on your countertops as they could crack or break.

Using Sealers

Some unfinished granite can be porous. As such, it might be in your best interest to apply a sealer to protect the stone from ware, stains and general degradation. Ask us about our sealer options.

Granite is a highly durable material that can stand up very well to almost any hazard everyday, household living can throw at it. However, following our proper maintenance instructions can keep your stone in close to perfect condition for decades to come! If you have further granite maintenance questions or feel granite might be the right choice for your next home renovation project, contact us at: 519-668-7041.