Marble Countertops from Regent Granite

If you’re making upgrades to your home, you might want to consider using marble in some countertop areas of the home. Marble is a timeless material that has been used since ancient times in sculptures, architecture and even to cover walls of churches and palaces. Because marble is such a strong and durable material, it is a popular choice for many areas in the home, particularly on countertops but often in other types of home furnishings like pillars and staircases.

Marble is a metamorphic stone that is found in mountainous areas in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. It has a crystalline appearance that allows it to polish quite nicely and is distinctive because of its mineral deposits, which ensures that no two slabs of marble are the same. Marble is best known for its elegant and timeless aesthetic that is found in many high-end homes and properties.

Differences Between Marble and Granite

Marble and granite have a lot of similarities, especially when it comes to their use in countertops, but there are a few key differences. Most obviously, the two materials have very different appearances. Granite is available in many different colours than the more simple elegance and veining that a marble slab offers. Both materials are strong and durable, but marble countertops are much more porous and will stain more easily than granite. The other main different between granite and marble is the price point. Granite is less expensive than marble and is one of the most popular types of countertops on the market, whereas marble is a luxurious choice for higher-end homes.

Differences Between Marble and Quartz

The main difference between marble and quartz is that marble is a naturally occurring material whose countertops are made from slabs. Although quartz is also a natural material, quartz countertops are entirely manmade. Quartz is non-porous, which means that spills can be wiped away whereas marble absorbs stains and is slightly less heat resistant than quartz. Because marble countertops are more porous than quartz countertops, they need to be sealed annually (as do granite countertops) and quartz countertops do not.

Benefits of Marble Countertops

  • Marble countertops are arguably one of the most beautiful types of countertops that add a touch of luxury and refinement to any room they’re placed in
  • Marble countertops can be resealed with your choice of finish – honed/matte, polished or leather
  • Marble countertops can be customized with the edge profile of your choice
  • Every slab of marble is unique and its available in a range of colours with different naturally-occurring veining patterns
  • Because of their versatility, marble countertops fit in perfectly with all design aesthetics
  • Marble countertops are heat resistant and develop a patina over time
  • Marble is a material that is long-lasting, meaning that your marble countertops will last a lifetime

We purchase our marble from some of the most trusted suppliers in the industry, including:

  • Centre Stone
  • Interstone Granite and Marble
  • Mondial Granite & Marble
  • Ciot
  • Hill Top

If you’re interested in learning more about marble countertops and if they are the right choice for your London, Ontario home, please call us today. The experts at Regent Granite will be able to give you more information and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.