Caesarstone Quartz Supplier in London, OntarioCaesarstone Quartz Supplier

We at Regent Granite are delighted to work with Caesarstone Ltd., a provider of high-quality quartz. They furnish us with the top-notch materials we need to install custom quartz countertops in London, Ontario.

A Supplier of Premium Quartz

Caesarstone quartz supplier was founded in 1987 and grew to become a dominant business with a global presence. Over the past three decades, Caesarstone has established itself in over 50 countries. As a quartz supplier, they have pioneered both the business and the environmental aspects of their trade. They were the first quartz surfacing company to receive both the 9001 and 14001 certifications from the International Organization for Standardization, which recognized the company’s accomplishments in quality management and environmental protection respectively. Today, Caesarstone is proud to state that they recycle 97% of the water they use throughout the manufacturing process. The quartz supplier remains committed to caring for the planet and the clientele that inhabits it.

A Wealth of Quartz Collections

Caesarstone boasts a variety of different quartz colours, organized into four primary collections:

  • The Classico Collection: This collection contains a number of traditional quartz hues, ranging from Pure White to Dark Raven. These offerings may be polished, honed, or textured with a variety of different finishes. The Classico collection offers over fifty different possibilities for custom quartz countertops. Still, this collection only scratches the surface of what the company has to offer.
  • The Supernatural Collection: This quartz collection offers a more exotic portfolio, with selections that include such hues as Tuscan Dawn and Taj Royale. These offerings were inspired by some of the most beautiful naturally occurring stones from around the world. With the aid of modern technology, these colours are imbued with textural intricacies.
  • The Concrete Series: Taking this a step further, the Concrete Series evinces a distinctly industrial aesthetic. This collection is composed of colours and finishes that replicate both the look and texture of concrete. This collection combines the beauty of quartz with the durability one would expect from concrete by providing notably durable, low-maintenance material. Those with a taste for the modern would do well to explore this series.
  • The Concerto Collection: The Concetto Collection incorporates individually cut semi-precious stones into hand-made quartz surfaces. This collection includes such unique quartz designs as Fiero, Indigo, and Nebbia, which, in contrast to the typically neutral hues of the previous three collections, contain bright yellows, deep blues, and rich purples. Any selection from this portfolio would be sure to compliment a luxurious interior.

We at Regent Granite are proud to be a leading local Caesarstone dealer, installing top-quality custom granite countertops for London homeowners and business owners. To learn more about Caesarstone quartz or to view their portfolio for yourself, please visit the Regent Granite showroom.