LG Viatera Quartz

Viatera Granite at Regent Granite in London, ON LG Viatera boasts an incredible record of customer satisfaction since 1947. Their long history of delighting customers with gorgeous quartz products for more than seven decades speaks for itself. When it comes to sourcing the ideal products for our London, Ontario clients, custom quartz countertop, LG Viatera is the supplier we turn to.

There is simply no substitute for industry knowledge, experience and skill, and that is precisely what LG Viatera has to offer. It is a part of Korea’s largest building and decorative materials company, LG Chem, and now has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. LG Viatera maintains an entire factory dedicated to the manufacture of quartz surfaces so that it can keep up with ever-increasing production demands for its quality products.

Why We Partner With LG Viatera

At Regent Granite, we know that our customers want eco-friendly and quality granite products to make their home renovation project beautiful and sustainable. That is precisely why LG Viatera is one of our trusted suppliers of custom granite products. We know that their quality and commitment to only manufacturing durable products are sure to keep our customers happy. This company has a long history of following through on their commitments and supplying only top-quality products.

Make Your Home Beautiful With LG Viatera Quartz Products

We know that your home renovation project is a major investment and one that you want to enjoy for the lifetime of owning your home. That is why we are pleased to provide our customers with the selection and uniqueness of the quartz products from LG Viatera. Whether it be a unique, custom kitchen countertop or quartz bathroom countertop, any of the countertops chosen from LG Viatera are bound to be a focal point in your home because it is impossible to ignore their beauty and exquisite design.

Wherever you decide to install the quartz surface solutions from LG Viatera in your home, the result is bound to be safe, beautiful and long-lasting.

For more information about custom quartz countertops and home solutions, contact the team of professional installers at Regent Granite today.