Quartz Bathroom CountertopsQuartz Bathroom Countertops from Regent Granite

An emerging trend in bathroom design is quartz bathroom countertops. With an aesthetic that’s both contemporary and timeless, we find many customers electing for quartz counters in their bathrooms. At Regent Granite & Marble, we carry the top brands of quartz bathroom countertops available and are also proud to carry Hanstone Quartz, a Canadian-made brand that’s located right here in London, Ontario. 

Contemporary Quartz Bathroom Countertops in London Ontario 

Our London, Ontario showroom displays our current selection of quartz counter samples that can be custom fit into your bathroom. When you visit our showroom, one of our team members will show you the quartz countertop options that are currently available to be installed in your bathroom. 

Installing quartz countertops in the bathroom has become increasingly popular because they give the room a luxurious and uniform look. Because quartz is completely man-made and manufactured, the range of colours, depths and patterns are almost endless. Quartz is also a very durable material, making it less likely to chip or crack – perfect for countertops in high traffic areas like the bathroom! 

Benefits of Quartz Bathroom Countertops:

  • Quartz countertops are non-porous which means that it is stain resistant – ideal for an area like the bathroom where soaps, shampoos, hair products and makeup are often kept 
  • Because quartz is non-porous, it is also anti-microbial – because germs cannot get into the washroom countertop, it is always bacteria free 
  • You will never need to worry about sealing or re-sealing bathroom countertops 
  • Extremely low maintenance – simply wipe the surface of your quartz bathroom countertop and it will be clean
  • Quartz is extremely durable and will easily withstand the daily wear and tear that all bathroom counters face
  • Quartz is available in a wide range of colours with intricate patterns that can be customized to nearly any colour scheme or design aesthetic you have in mind
  • Quartz offers uniformity of design across the slab as opposed to the natural movement of granite
  • Seams in quartz countertops are nearly undetectable – this man-made material contains resins which ensure it can be cut more cleanly, without chipping, unlike with slabs of granite or marble 
  • Bathroom countertops usually have a lower square footage than kitchen countertops which makes it more affordable to get such a high-end look

To learn more about installing a quartz bathroom countertop and to get a free quote, please contact Regent Granite and Marble today! We’d be happy to show you the quartz pieces we have available for you to choose from.

Quartz can completely transform any room in your home.

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