Quartz Countertop Finishes

For most homeowners, the custom quartz countertops in a kitchen or bathroom are like the jewels in a crown. Their beauty catches the eye and makes everything else in the room look better. Additionally, there are some practical factors that go into countertop selection to make it feel unique in your space, like how easy it is to clean and whether you want a reflective finish or not.

As such, homeowners in and around London, Ontario who approach Regent Granite to plan their custom quartz countertops usually come to the design table with a few questions about the different types of quartz available. There are two types of quartz finishes that we consider when installing a new custom quartz countertop in a home. You’ll find a little bit about each type of finish below.

Polished Quartz

Polished quartz finish appears glossy. It has a shine to it that matte quartz countertops don’t. This finish really shows off the stone’s colour. The veins in polished stone appear more prominently. Because a polished or glossy finish reflects more light, the natural colours in the stone appear brighter and are easier to see. This feature can also be a drawback when the lights in the room reflect brightly off the counters. It can cause quite a glare and draw the eye away from other room features that homeowners would rather emphasize.

That said, polished quartz does offer many advantages. For kitchen countertops, fingerprints don’t show up as readily on it, making it an excellent choice for busy families. From a cleaning standpoint, this finish allows homeowners to relax a bit; if there’s a smudge or a fingerprint, it’s okay to wait until tomorrow to clean it.

The polished quartz is considered “standard,” so it’s more affordable and more readily available than other finishes.

Honed or Leathered Quartz Countertop Finishes

Honed Quartz (Also Known as Matte or Leathered)

Honed quartz doesn’t have the high sheen that polished quartz does. Therefore, the glare from the lights is less, and overall, the effect is a bit more subtle. The drawback, of course, is that a honed finish shows more fingerprints, grease spots, etc. Its matte texture lacks the shine that polished does. Because fingerprints and kitchen grease are shiny, the glossy surface of polished quartz hides these issues better than honed quartz does.

The matte finish is also considered a more high-end upgrade. There are fewer materials for countertops that are made with the matte finish. Some types of quartz just don’t work as well with this finish.

For more information about custom quartz countertops and to see our extensive selection of custom quartz slabs available, visit the Regent Granite showroom today and start planning your dream kitchen or bathroom upgrade.