countertop giveaway

Regent Granite is excited to partner with Classic Rock, Free 98.1 and White Oaks Mall for the $150,000 Free for All!

Qualifiers are invited to attend White Oaks Mall on November 4th., for the chance to pick from over $150,000 in prizes! As a prize option, Regent Granite is giving away beautiful Granite or quartz countertops for your home.

To qualify for this exciting contest, listen to Classic Rock, FREE 98.1 and listen for the $150,000 Free For All powered by White Oaks Mall cue to call. When you hear this cue to call, call (519)679-3733. Caller 9 instantly qualifies for the chance to pick from over $150,000 in prizes on November 4th at White Oaks Mall.

To qualify online and for further contest details, visit the $150,000 Free For All contest details page at Classic Rock, FREE 98.1.  

Good Luck!