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Dear Mr. Towns;

After successfully completeing a major hotel renovation I feel compelled to write and express our gratitude with your firm’s handling of the project. Your firm assumed the purchase order which had originally been assigned to another granite and marble supplier, who, for financial reasons and poor quality of work had their purchase order rescinded. The previous firm left SDI in a serious predicament in locating a supplier such as yourself who would step up and take it upon themselves to source the product and have the financial wherewithal to complete such a large task. Not only had this been done by your firm, the quality and workmanship is regarded in high fashion.

It is based on the work you’ve recenty done for SDI we have no hesitation in providing recommendation for your firm. Futhermore, SDI has Regent Granite and Marble on our preferred Granite and Marble supplier list.

We truly look forward to with your team again!


Robert F. Secco
SDI Builders 2010 Ltd.

Robert F. Secco | SDI Builders 2010 Ltd. London, ON January 10, 2017