Granite countertops aren’t the only way you can use granite. The stone doesn’t have to serve as a grounding effect in the room either. Some granite home furnishings act as a beautiful focal point. Here are a few unexpected ways to use granite in your home furnishings and décor.


You can install granite floors that stand out by using contrasting colours or patterns. In open floor plans, you could use granite tiles as a stylish way to mark boundaries. A popular way of doing this is with strips of complementary colours. If you don’t want the granite flooring to stand out, then install granite tiles with the same shade and pattern. Another style to consider is the herringbone pattern, a type of weaving design.  

Granite Fireplace Mantles

Granite makes a beautiful and eye-catching fireplace mount or mantle. This durable stone looks beautiful above any fireplace and the large selection of colours available means you can always find a great pattern to work with your home’s décor and furniture.  


Granite Fireplace Mount

Kitchen Décor and Accessories

Extra pieces and leftover segments of granite can be used to create a number of interesting kitchen décor items and accessories. Consider creating a beautiful lazy Suzan by mounting a piece of granite to a rotating base. A piece of granite also makes for a conservation piece when used as a serving tray or cheese board. You can also add adhesive cork pieces to smaller pieces of granite for unique coasters. 

Granite Slab Cheese Board

Granite Table Tops

A dining room table made completely of granite is a unique way of incorporating granite in your home decor. You could also use a dining room table that just has a slab of granite as the tabletop.  Alternatively, granite slabs can be added to smaller size tables or even antique vanity tables to add durability and sophistication to antique pieces. 

Granite-topped Night Stand

Granite furnishings are a great way to add natural stone to your home decor. They can help establish elegance and prestige in a room or create a sleek, yet engaging design. Granite furnishings can be used as focal points or supporting features, depending on your preference.  
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