At Regent Granite, we believe in quality. The innovation of engineered stone is vital to maintain top quality. That is why we use Vicostone quartz as one of our quartz suppliers. By pushing technological boundaries, they produce millions of square meters per year without compromising on quality. They also innovate with new designs, colours and veining options. 

A History of DeliverVicostone Quartz Products in London, ONing Exceptional Quartz Products 

Founded in 2002 in Hanoi, Vietnam, Vicostone is now a global supplier of manufactured stone. Their quality and range of colours sets them apart from many other quartz manufacturers.  

As a pioneer in the quartz industry, Vicostone continuously innovates designs and products to offer extraordinary durability and beauty. Vicostone uses the most advanced technology at its five production sites. Now, a global leader in quartz production, they are championed by architects and designers. Their quartz countertops combine the practical benefits of quartz with the beauty of natural stone. 

Innovative Quarts Products 

While innovation is important to Vicostone, they never compromise on quality. They are considered manufactured stone artists. Their stone creations are rich in colour and have intricate veining and designs. Their quartz slabs take inspiration from granite, marble, concrete and more. They offer over 120 designs including: 

  • Exotic Quartz Collection – This rich and luxurious collection ranges from subtle to dramatic.
  • Natural Quartz Collection – Including granite and marble effects, this collection is understated but elegant. 
  • Classic Quartz Collection – These monothematic quartz slabs range from modern to traditional. 

Vicostone is always investing in the future of quartz both through design differentiation and durability. 

Why We Choose Vicostone 

Vicostone is committed to quality and design. This commitment, combined with their innovative production techniques, means that they can supply quartz for virtually any project – large or small. Vicostone has established itself as a top quartz supplier known for its integrity and professionalism. We know we can count on them when it comes to order fulfilment, colour consistency and quality. 

We, at Regent Granite, trust our suppliers to provide outstanding products to our customers and our showroom. Through these established connections, we offer a range of products to suit every customer’s style and needs. Get in touch with our team members today to find out more about Vicostone quartz for your next project. Let our team help you create a beautiful new space.