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Outdoor Granite Countertops from Regent Granite

Regent Granite designs and installs outdoor kitchen countertops in London, Ontario and surrounding areas. Having an inviting and versatile outdoor space is a tremendous asset to your home and lifestyle. Whether you entertain your family and friends, or just want to enjoy the open air, a well-designed backyard space is a must. Often individuals are not sure what countertop options are ideal for an outdoor cooking or living area. Granite is one of the best materials to use for both functionality and aesthetics.

Granite is an extremely durable stone. With any granite, inside or out, it is important to seal the granite well. Once sealed, granite counters are stain- and scratch-resistant. Granite countertops are also impervious to heat and weather. Washing outdoor granite counters is extremely easy, just use a hose or any non-abrasive cloth. With some basic maintenance, your outdoor granite countertops will last forever. Generally, the weather in and around London, Ontario, does not pose a problem. Plus, you can cover your countertops during the winter months even if your patio is not covered.

Besides being a durable stone, granite is also attractive. Granite comes in a variety of colours and distinct grain variations. Each piece of granite is unique and, therefore, choosing the right piece is a personal process. At Regent Granite, we can help you choose your granite colour, finish and shape based on your specific needs. Our professional installers are efficient and courteous and have over 15 years of natural stone installation experience. We have a very detailed fabrication process that ensures a perfect fit every time. All of us here at Regent Granite, are waiting to turn your vision for an outdoor kitchen into a reality.

Benefits of Outdoor Granite Countertops:

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